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Perspective on travel recovery

The arrival of summer in the northern hemisphere brings back focus on travel and tourism globally. We bring back our global collection of insights on responding to this crisis and driving long term recovery—along with some early thoughts on Europe.


A travel boom is looming. But is the industry ready?

– This peak-travel season, tourists are returning with a vengeance. Travel companies should focus on four priority areas to ensure traveler satisfaction.

The comeback of corporate travel: How should companies be planning?

– As business travelers begin to hit the road again, organizations can prepare by considering the four corporate-travel archetypes... of the future.

The path to recovery for US hospitality

– Vik Krishnan shares his views on where the US hospitality sector is headed and poses five questions for industry leaders to consider... postpandemic.

How air travel is evolving postpandemic

– The COVID-19 pandemic decimated airlines in 2020, yet there are reasons for optimism as the industry looks to recovery.

Spain’s travel sector can’t afford to wait to recover. What can stakeholders do?

– Unless steps are taken to stimulate recovery, more than $300 billion and 4.4 million jobs could be in jeopardy.

China’s travel sector is undergoing a nonlinear recovery: What should companies do?

– Our latest survey of Chinese-traveler sentiment indicates there’s no straight path to recovery. We suggest three areas travel... companies can focus on to succeed.

Reimagining tourism: How Vietnam can accelerate travel recovery

– While domestic travel has kept the Vietnamese travel sector afloat, the industry needs to reinvent itself until international... tourism resumes.

Reimagining the $9 trillion tourism economy—what will it take?

– As national borders consider reopening, a partnership between governments and the tourism industry will be essential.

More from Europe

As Europe heads into its second summer with the pandemic, we bring some thoughts on the recovery drivers that will shape the sector. In the long run, economic fundamentals drive recovery. Factors we considered are the appeal of domestic tourism, past dependency on air travel, strength of health services, and share of business and leisure travel.

Substitution of land-based and alternate accommodation means the tourism sector in general can recover faster than aviation or larger hotels. Domestic travel—less hampered by air travel, restrictions, and insurance requirements—recovered faster in most geographies, a trend we expect to continue. Business travel will take longer to recover, and countries with high dependence on this traffic will need to look at other sources of demand generation—or focus on the right corporate-travel personas as companies restart travelling.

In the short term though, the situation is highly fluid. These materials are preliminary and non-exhaustive and are being made available on a non-exclusive basis solely for information purposes in response to the urgent need for measures to address the COVID-19 crisis. They reflect general insight and may present potential options for consideration based on currently available information, which is inherently uncertain and subject to change, but do not contain all of the information needed to determine a future course of action.

Below you can access our deep dives into six key markets to learn more about the peculiarities of these countries’ current situation and recovery.

More from Asia


China’s uneven travel recovery: Long road to international travel furthers domestic opportunities

– There is a silver lining to continued barriers to China’s outbound travel—the domestic market is witnessing an upswing in travelers looking to explore new destinations and experiences.