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McKinsey on Start-ups

McKinsey on Start-ups is an original podcast series from Fuel, McKinsey's start-up and venture capital practice. We feature conversations with start-up founders and leaders, investors, and industry experts about the current and future state of technological disruption as well as the professional and personal challenges entrepreneurs face in scaling their companies. Our content spans all sectors and geographies to deliver wide-ranging and global insights.

Latest Episodes

Turning India into a SaaS power

– The rise of SaaS has dramatically transformed the software industry and opened it to many new players. What will it take for India's SaaS start-ups to thrive in this new era?

Fintech off the shelf: Making an all-in-one approach pay off

– More and more digital businesses want to be viewed as a fintech provider. Arik Shtilman created a thriving start-up by offering companies a simple way to make that leap.

What tech innovation means for the business of fashion

– In the wake of the pandemic, the industry long better known for art than science is undergoing a dramatic, technology-fueled makeover.

How online marketplaces are making secondhand fashion a first choice

– Online resale marketplaces are turning secondhand fashion into a mainstream market. Maximilian Bittner, CEO of Vestiaire Collective, thinks growing interest in sustainability will further fuel the category.

Driving motors into a digital, sustainable future

– Electric motors power much of the global economy, and they also waste a quarter of global electricity consumption. Ryan Morris thinks his company can solve this environmental challenge.

Can Japan finally become a start-up power?

– Long viewed as a relative laggard, Japan’s start-up ecosystem is beginning to come into its own. Investor Paul McInerney sheds light on the evolving environment for entrepreneurs.

E(lectric) Commerce: Volta Trucks’ vehicle for sustainable delivery

– Commercial trucks are a major source of emissions in cities. Carl-Magnus Norden thinks his start-up can be the catalyst needed to make the sector more environmentally-friendly.

Common goods: Fighting materials’ impact on climate change

– The materials used to make physical goods produce a large share of greenhouse gas emissions. Origin Materials thinks it has the solution to that pressing problem.

Fueling innovation and filling gaps in Latin America

– A lack of early stage capital on the continent has hampered start-up creation and scaling. MAYA Capital co-founders Lara Lemann and Monica Saggioro are determined to change that.

Vital signs: The growing impact of digital health innovation

– Digital health solutions have the potential to dramatically improve patient care and slow rising costs. Yet achieving that at scale still has obstacles to overcome.

Can gamification help patients take better care of themselves?

– Sidekick Health is out to show that digital therapeutics programs can help patients more effectively manage their chronic conditions.

The state of start-up ecosystems beyond Silicon Valley

– The digital acceleration brought on by COVID has only added more momentum to the ongoing boom in start-up financing and innovation. While Silicon Valley has traditionally led the way in venture capital and start-up development, other parts of the world are making great strides in developing their own thriving start-up ecosystems.

Global VC view: Funding start-ups in the next normal

– The boom that tech start-ups have been experiencing has continued through the pandemic. Two leading venture capitalists talk about how investing in them is changing.

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