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Integrated Device Manufacturers (IDMs)

We help clients reduce costs, run efficient manufacturing plants, and develop sharp go-to-market strategies.

Integrated device manufacturers (IDMs) need to conduct efficient and high-value R&D and identify the most promising pockets of market growth. At the same time, they need to contain manufacturing costs. Our specialists blend deep technical expertise with rigorous business training, and help IDMs find the right balance.

We help IDMs in a number of areas: optimizing R&D efforts, restructuring budgeting processes, increasing the efficiency of manufacturing facilities, improving time-to-market of product development, and defining M&A strategies for an era of industry consolidation. We also develop growth strategies that help clients identify meaningful pockets of opportunity outside their core markets.

The industry segment being served by IDMs is quite fragmented, which makes it more complicated to identify the best sales channels. As a result, we assist a number of IDM clients with sales strategies and go-to-market strategies, for both developed markets and rapidly developing markets, such as China, where the channel mix can be quite different than it would be in Europe or North America.

By definition, IDMs own their own R&D and production assets, so people strategies and operational excellence in manufacturing are also frequent challenges.

Examples of our work

  • We interviewed dozens of stakeholders across a client’s R&D organization to identify the factors that led to poor time to market and low product quality at the time of delivery. This led to a formal transformation program: the R&D division was able to reduce development cycle times by more than 40 percent while raising quality by a comparable amount.
  • A client struggled with its software-development toolchain. In close collaboration, we helped redesign the tool chain, and developed a new oversight board that reduced the company’s average tooling time by 30 percent while increasing availability of key tools by 27 percent. User satisfaction with the end product jumped 200 percent.
  • Another recent project focused on streamlining the processes on a fab floor. We helped the client achieve a 10 percent capacity improvement with only minimal additional capital expenditure.


Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt



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