Our People

Pontus Averstad
Senior Partner, Stockholm
Advises private-equity firms, investment companies, infrastructure investors, family offices, and government holding companies...
Colleen Baum
Partner, New York
Advises retailers and apparel brands on growth strategy, retail footprint, inventory management, and omnichannel fulfillment topics,...
Eva Beekman
Partner, Amsterdam
Supports clients in the financial-services sector as they pursue strategic growth and large-scale transformations, helping executives...
Alejandro Beltrán
Senior Partner, Madrid
Leads McKinsey in Spain and Portugal, advises international corporations on strategy and corporate finance, and counsels public...
Danielle Bozarth
Senior Partner, New York
Brings extensive experience in serving consumer-goods, retail, and consumer-focused private-equity clients on transformations,...
Fredrik Dahlqvist
Senior Partner, Stockholm
Advises private equity companies, government holding corporations, pension funds, insurance companies, and asset managers on ownership...
Vanessa Goddevrind
Associate Partner, London
Helps companies and private equity funds grow and invest in consumer-facing businesses by supporting them on strategy, commercial...
Jessica Moulton
Senior Partner, London
Helps multinational consumer-packaged-goods, retail, and food-service companies pursue strategic growth opportunities and strengthen...
Hasan Muzaffar
Senior Partner, Dubai
Helps leading conglomerates and sovereign and principal investors shape corporate strategy, optimise investments, and strengthen...
Alex Panas
Senior Partner, Boston
Global co-lead of McKinsey’s Advanced Industries Practice
Dr. Chandrasekhar Panda
Partner, Abu Dhabi
Leads cross-industry client engagements across Europe, the Middle East, and Africa on digital strategy, large-scale technology...
Vivek Pandit
Senior Partner, Mumbai
Serves the world’s leading investors and shareholders on investment strategy, sustainability, origination, transformations, operations,...
Gary Pinkus
Senior Partner, Bay Area
Chairman of North America and a global leader in private equity and investment, with deep roots in healthcare
Anna Pione
Partner, New York
Helps companies and investors in the consumer health and wellness space develop and execute on commercial growth strategies
Marion Soula
Partner, Paris
Helps clients develop growth strategies and transformation programs in the tech, telecommunications, and private-equity sectors
Jennifer Spaulding Schmidt
Senior Partner, Minneapolis
Increases the competitiveness and profitability of retailers and consumer companies by leading large transformation programs and...
Shelley Stewart III
Partner, New Jersey
Helps companies accelerate growth and design new go-to-market models in the private equity, advanced industries, and technology...
Marcos Tarnowski
Senior Partner, Montréal
Helps large institutional and other principal investors on a range of investment strategy, risk, operational improvement, market...
Madeleine Tjon Pian Gi
Partner, Amsterdam
Helps consumer-facing businesses and private equity investors pursue strategic growth opportunities and accelerate value creation...
Ahmed Youssef
Senior Partner, Dubai
Leads the firm’s work in private equity and principal investors in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, advising investment...
Ammanuel Zegeye
Partner, Bay Area
Helps clients develop growth strategies and improve operations in the high-tech, industrial, private-equity, and public sectors