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About this practice

We have regional leaders all over the world with a deep understanding of their local competitive and physical context, as well as an extensive global network of consultants, experts, and external advisors. We provide targeted support for clients in areas such as:

National oil companies

We understand the strategic and operational challenges NOCs face in delivering high performance and advancing national development. We help them balance national and commercial objectives for success, grow internationally in an increasingly competitive environment, and attract and develop top talent.


We help oil and gas players mitigate and manage commercial, operational, and political risk, and enhance their performance in enterprise risk management and risk-based investments. We have developed proprietary tools and frameworks to diagnose risk, design best-in-class risk management systems and processes, assess risk culture, evaluate risk oversight, identify cash flow at risk, and analyze opportunity cost.

Oilfield services and equipment

We bring clients a deep understanding of competitive strategies, customer needs, and growth opportunities across the OFSE sector. We support oil and gas companies with technology strategy and procurement; advise services and equipment providers on strategy and operations; and counsel principal investors on strategy, commercial due diligence, and portfolio value creation.

Business technology

To help clients reduce exploration and production development costs and raise productivity in their upstream and downstream businesses, we offer state-of-the-art expertise in technology enablement (including digitization, big data, and advanced analytics), multichannel customer value management, and automation, asset utilization, and productivity management. We work with companies to optimize IT strategy and performance, create value from business and IT transformations, ensure the successful delivery of capital projects, and implement best practices in global business shared services.