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Marketing & Sales

We help medical-device and -technology companies achieve superior growth and productivity with deep customer insights.

In an environment of changing customer-purchase behaviors, emerging technologies for better targeting customers, and a growing influence of medtech disruptors, we help clients stay ahead of marketing and sales effectiveness. Together we develop new business models, optimize selling approaches, transform customer experiences, and build analytics and sales-force effectiveness to drive revenue and margin expansion. From diagnosis to opportunity identification to execution, we are on the ground cocreating and building capabilities to ensure that implemented changes are sustainable.

Examples of work

In the past five years, we have advised 19 of the top 20 global medical-device companies on more than 1,000 projects. We bring clients cutting-edge insights, proven methods, digitally enabled tools, and access to a worldwide network of our knowledge and expertise.

Transforming a go-to market strategy

We supported one of the world’s leading implantable-device companies in its turnaround from declining business to double-digit, top-line growth in six quarters. Based on customer behavior and preferences, we redesigned the marketing and sales function, selling model, and resource allocation—leading to a revenue growth between 5 and 8 percent.

Elevating sales-force effectiveness

With a microtargeted approach, we applied internal and external data sets to identify the biggest sales-growth opportunities for a consumables-market leader and helped build the necessary sales-force skills to capture 2 to 4 percent in volume growth.

Introducing pricing excellence

We applied advanced analytics and digitally enabled tools, such as for customer relationship management, for optimized price management and deal execution. This effort combined with appropriate incentives put in place empowered sales representatives to make decisions in real time and avoid unnecessary escalations—resulting in a two- to five-percentage-point margin uplift.

Boosting productivity in the marketing function

We provided a clear definition of deliverables for the marketing function; eliminated duplication among global, regional, and local levels; and reduced less-core activities. This led to a reallocation of resources to higher-priority activities—resulting in a 20 percent productivity increase.

Featured capabilities

We bring clients extensive knowledge in health systems, regulations, and manufacturing along with distinctive customer insights and a set of digitally enabled tools, including the following:

FieldGuide: The FieldGuide tool optimizes salesforce deployment and territory design through advanced geospatial analysis that leverages both market-potential insights across device categories and advanced sales-response curve analysis.

Periscope platform: This platform introduces pricing transparency, maintains pricing discipline, and builds best-in-class pricing capabilities that can translate into two- to four-point improvements in gross margin within 12 months. Learn more.

Commercial Diagnostic Suite: This tool leverages customer insights as well as identifies both opportunities for resource reallocation across channels and brands and critical capabilities to drive performance. Visibility into resource productivity can reduce cost by 5 to 10 percent in parallel with growing revenues. Learn more.

“Propensity to buy” analytics: Our predictive analytics tool analyzes customers’ buying processes and helps identify opportunities for product and service cross- and upselling. These insights can be integrated into account segmentation and account planning in customer-relationship-management systems.

Hospital IQ: This analytics tool combines terabytes of in- and outpatient-procedure data with customer segmentation, based on needs and behaviors, to drive top-line growth through optimized targeting.