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Workforce HQ

Optimizing labor performance through informed decision-making

Labor is consistently the largest portion of a provider’s operating costs—typically more than 48 percent of total expenses. Provider systems are increasingly focusing on optimizing workforce operations to deliver better care more efficiently.

However, managing workforce productivity is a complex decision-making challenge, which requires a clear view into the options available, and an increasingly sophisticated approach to help avoid clinician burnout, manage worker shortages, and assimilate regulatory changes.

Workforce HQ is a web-based tool that provides health system leaders with transparency around key workforce metrics, helping them quickly identify anomalies and assess possible actions to improve financial, operational, and clinical performance.


increase in EBITA on average


improvement in labor spend on average


active users

Our approach

Department and entity leaders can use Workforce HQ to prioritize departmental assistance, identify sources of inconsistency in workforce operations, suggest initiatives to improve productivity and reduce premium spend, make staffing decisions, and focus on delivering the right care at the right time in the right place.

Actionable insights

Workforce HQ auto-generates insights from data and suggests action items to address challenges identified. Using an insights-driven approach, Workforce HQ is able to trigger notifications to ensure users don’t miss any opportunity to improve performance.

User-specific interaction

An entity leader and a department manager need very different things from a productivity tool. With Workforce HQ’s user-friendly views, users can see the performance metrics relevant to them, compare those metrics to market or system best practices and identify any anomalies in their facility or department.

Automation and security

Workforce HQ utilizes a seamless data ingestion process that refreshes data automatically. By presenting the most relevant data and setting up appropriate protocols, Workforce HQ securely presents the right information to the right users.

Key features

Financial performance

Track financial performance and identify areas of opportunity for the top five entities and top five departments.

Operating performance

Review performance and operating metrics at a department level, and identify action items for scheduling optimization.

Productivity optimization

Optimize skill- and role-based productivity for each department, refine targets, and track performance to ensure patients are receiving excellent care and clinicians are not burning out.

Workforce optimization

Validate whether overtime and contract labor are utilized effectively to meet fluctuating workforce availability and patient demand.

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