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Productivity in banking: An Interview with Lloyds Banking Group’s Jennifer Tippin

Jennifer Tippin, Group Director, People and Productivity at Lloyds Banking Group talks with McKinsey about the bank’s focus on productivity.

In this video interview, Jennifer Tippin of Lloyds Banking Group talks to McKinsey about how the bank uses a “productivity-driven mindset” to address the challenges in today’s environment. Taking us through the bank’s productivity journey from its beginnings in the post-financial-crisis environment, through the rise of digital, and now to their efforts to build the “bank of the future,” Tippin touches on a number of crucial levers, including reducing organizational layers, revisiting third-party relationships for maximum efficiency, and the systematic rethinking of end-to-end customer journeys. Underlying the bank’s approach is group-wide effort to continually think about how they can do better tomorrow.