Performance Lens

Improve asset managers’ performance

Understanding the industry is critical for asset management senior executives to operate effectively. For over a decade, Performance Lens has provided industry insights and intelligence grounded in McKinsey’s expertise to help executives make decisions.

Our offerings

Financial Advisor Customer Experience Survey

Detailed survey about how financial advisors interact with and perceive asset managers across key customer experience dimensions

Global Asset Management Survey

Industry-leading economic benchmark survey to assess business performance and identify growth opportunities

Global Growth Cube

Comprehensive market-sizing database of growth opportunities by geography, client segment, and product

Sales Alpha

Regression-based analysis of sales and marketing effectiveness


Improve strategic-growth and resource-allocation decisions

Benchmark operational effectiveness against peers and find opportunities to drive growth and improve profitability

Evaluate and optimize sales and marketing effectiveness with investment-like discipline

By the numbers


market sizing data for 40+ countries


growth & profitability benchmarks


typical profitability improvement

Why Performance Lens

Comprehensive data

With 300+ companies benchmarked–comprising 60% of global AUM with granular market sizing for 40+ countries by client segment and asset class– Performance Lens provides the most comprehensive view of the asset management industry for 20 years and counting.

Deep expertise

Performance Lens leverages the expertise of a dedicated team of professionals focused exclusively on asset management, McKinsey’s 90+ years of consulting experience, and local market experts in 50+ countries.

Flexible delivery service model

Performance Lens delivers insights through a range of services including subscriptions, workshops, client diagnostics and other custom analysis, and traditional McKinsey engagements.

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