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Sales Alpha

Regression-based analysis of sales and marketing effectiveness

Asset managers need a clear view of sales performance to answer strategic questions such as: How effective is our sales team? Which products and distribution areas should we prioritize? Where should we allocate our sales and marketing resources?

Sales Alpha
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However, sales effectiveness can be hard to isolate from other growth factors, such as market trends and investment performance. Sales Alpha solves this problem. Our regression-based analytics evaluate sales and marketing effectiveness—independent of investment performance and from market trends and fund size. The result? A pure assessment of sales effectiveness that helps both retail and institutional asset management firms optimize resource deployment and distribution coverage.

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“Sales Alpha has raised some interesting questions regarding our firm’s distribution effectiveness compared to our peers and what we need to do to capture better retail flows going forward.”

– Head of Retail Sales, US Asset Manager

Why Sales Alpha

Systematic diagnoses

Sales Alpha isolates the effect of investment performance and product features to provide a systematic diagnosis of asset managers’ current and historical distribution effectiveness.

Robust analyses

Sales Alpha provides a detailed fund level analysis of sales alpha and beta for net flows, sales, and redemptions relative to peers at the fund or strategy level which can then be aggregated to the firm level to identify specific opportunities.

Unrivaled data

Our multivariable regression model incorporates data from more than 10,000 retail and institutional products. It analyzes the impact of over 30 different variables, including product strategy and performance, overall market returns, fee structures, target investors, and sales and marketing spend, to identify drivers of net flow variability on investment products.

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