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Global Asset Management Survey

Industry-leading economic benchmark survey to assess business performance and identify growth opportunities

The global asset management industry is on the brink of a once-in-a-generation shift in competitive dynamics due to five converging trends: digital, diminishing investment returns, heightened regulation, a shake-up in active management, and increased demand for alternative assets. To succeed in a reshaped landscape with intense pressure on growth and margins, asset managers need to improve operational efficiency and reallocate resources to high growth areas of the business.

Global Asset Management Survey
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The Global Asset Management Survey gathers granular economic data from hundreds of firms around the world and benchmarks operational effectiveness across multiple dimensions. By comparing performance on growth (AUM and flows), profitability, and productivity, executives can identify and prioritize strategic moves to improve business performance.

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“McKinsey’s Global Asset Management Survey is quite simply the best there is.”

– CEO, Global Asset Manager

Why Global Asset Management Survey

Unrivaled benchmarking

The Global Asset Management Survey is the largest of its kind, capturing data from 300 participants around the world, representing 60 percent of global AUM (more than 100 firms and greater than 80 percent of AUM in North America alone), and 17 of the top 20 global managers. We provide over 10,000 benchmarks across growth, revenue, cost, profitability, scale, and productivity at the global, regional, and country level.

Relevant peer comparisons

Executives can benchmark their firms against any of our 17 standard peer groups (based on size, client segment focus, product mix, and ownership model) or create custom peer groups to ensure a true “apples to apples” comparison. Our intuitive web application enables executives to drill deeper into benchmark data by client segment, asset class, and cost category (by function and cost type) to uncover granular opportunities to increase growth and profitability.

Deep expertise

The Global Asset Management Survey is the longest-running economic survey in the industry, with an 18-year track record. Our team of benchmarking professionals leverages McKinsey’s nearly 100 years of financial consulting experience, as well as knowledge and data gathered from years of analysis to ensure the benchmarks and definitions are precise, relevant, and consistent.

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