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We help leaders instill an impact-focused mind-set across their organization.

Most executives know intuitively what academic research has consistently confirmed: organizational factors are powerful drivers of strong, sustained business performance. Winning companies must periodically transform themselves to get—and stay—on top.

The Organization Practice helps clients across the financial services industry make the changes necessary to achieve and sustain success. We firmly believe that organizational factors are powerful drivers of strong, long-term business performance.

We serve financial services firms in several important areas:

  • Leadership. We work with clients to improve leadership behaviors over a relatively short period of time. We build alignment during the leadership journey and catalyze leadership teams to adopt a dynamic and impact-focused mind-set.
  • Performance transformation. Transformation is fundamental change that penetrates deep into an institution’s heart and mind and yields a significantly higher level of business performance and health. To drive change in short- and long-term performance, we help financial institutions make sustainable shifts in ambition, collective self-beliefs, behaviors, culture, capabilities, systems, and processes.
  • Organizational design. Recognizing that changing the structure of an organization is highly disruptive, we work with clients on design change only if the benefits are significant. We begin by diagnosing the potential value of a redesign and then focus on the elements that will most effectively drive performance and health. These may include defining an organization archetype, designing a formal management structure and optimal spans of control, maximizing the value of the corporate center and cross-business functions, developing performance-management systems, defining the appropriate level of outsourcing, developing an internal knowledge marketplace, and galvanizing social networks.
  • Merger management and integration. We help clients create a combined company postmerger with higher performance and greater momentum than that of either of the premerger companies. For the most recent research from our Organization Practice, visit Our Insights page.


Helmut Heidegger

Senior Partner, Vienna



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