With Finalta, banks can undertake extensive benchmarking

Finalta builds on more than 10 years’ experience working with leading banks and insurers to generate insights on how to achieve superior performance. We offer performance-benchmark data and best-practice knowledge from 200 financial institutions in over 50 countries.

What Finalta provides

Finalta’s annual benchmarking studies are based on a proven methodology and provide a powerful tool for performance management. Frequent benchmarking helps you track the pace of your progress against peers. Our benchmarks include the following:

Sales Effectiveness

Examines key indicators of sales productivity to identify opportunities to increase profitability

Monthly Sales Tracker

Analyzes sales of core retail-banking products, as well as the sales productivity of branch staff

Digital & Multichannel

Focuses on digital performance in the context of the rapidly changing multichannel environment

Customer Experience

Provides a detailed comparison of capabilities, processes, and performance in service delivery

Motor-Claims Cost

Delivers insights to lower claims costs, reduce network overcapacity, and improve performance

Branch Adviser

Analyzes how frontline advisers use their time and gauges the effectiveness of their commercial activities

Affluent Segment

Examines the key drivers of revenue and efficiency to identify actions to manage and build the affluent segment

Small-Business Segment

Provides an in-depth diagnostic of the management, growth, and financial performance of the small-business segment

Corporate and Commercial

Examines bank performance, sales effectiveness, service quality, and channel activity


Finalta provides practical tools to accelerate performance improvement. You can use them in several ways:


Get a detailed understanding of your performance compared with peers using our rigorous fact-based methodology


Identify improvement opportunities and set objective targets to match or outperform your peers


Implement initiatives, using proven best practices to accelerate improvement


Review year-over-year progress in the context of peer trends and advances in best practices

Why choose Finalta?

High-impact, practical results

Finalta results are used as a catalyst for change. We help you set customized targets and fine-tune your strategy. Our recommendations, based on proven best practices, accelerate change and reduce risk.

International expertise

Finalta’s international knowledge is critical to challenge established, internal thinking and overcome the ‘fear factor’ of change. Our international peer group helps multi-local organizations compare performance on a country-by-country basis.

Interpretation and qualification

We demonstrate how your performance compares with that of relevant peers on key operational metrics and clarify why this is the case. Our best-practice cases illustrate how to close performance gaps to reach best practice.

Proven methodology

Finalta’s performance data are sourced under nondisclosure agreements directly from financial institutions, complemented by interviews with senior management. Precise definitions and a rigorous verification process ensure that data are compared on a like-for-like basis.

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