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Nuclear Energy Services

We help owners, operators, and investors across the entire nuclear-energy value chain and advise governments on new nuclear regimes and regulatory frameworks.

The challenges facing the nuclear industry vary by region. As the industry continues to grow in parts of Asia, Eastern Europe, and the Middle East, we help owners and operators to attract investors, develop nuclear portfolios, and complete construction on time and on budget. In North America, Western Europe, and other markets where the industry is contracting, we help clients to operate assets safely and reliably, reduce costs, and plan and execute decommissioning.

Our extensive networks of practitioners and industry experts have firsthand experience working with owners, operators, and investors across the globe. They combine deep functional expertise with regional insight to tackle the full array of issues confronting today’s industry.

Examples of our work

Over the past 10 years we have undertaken more than 200 projects involving nuclear energy, including the following:

Designing a Five-Gigawatt Nuclear Power Plant

Advising on the design of a new plant and identifying opportunities to save 25 percent of capital expenditure by improving design, optimizing nontechnological facilities, and using local knowledge and benchmarks to cut equipment, material, and labor costs.

Applying Design-to-Cost in Plant Design

Introducing design-to-cost methods to help a client optimize annual capital expenditure of €300 million on small and mid-size maintenance projects, with budget savings averaging 30 percent.

Transforming an Operating Plant

Using recovery and lean approaches at a two-unit reactor to capture savings of more than 25 percent in capital-plan optimization and in operations and maintenance costs across outages, plant maintenance, and corporate support.

Building a Country’s Nuclear Capacity

Identifying local manufacturing, research, and design capabilities; developing supply and demand models; and working on a strategy and implementation plan to establish a domestic nuclear capacity of up 20 gigawatts over the next 20 years.

Featured capabilities

We support clients with dedicated teams, industry-specific tools and models, and field-tested approaches and frameworks. Our teams bring expertise in the following:

  • Strategy. At a time of disruption, we help clients make sound decisions based on an understanding of market nuances affecting service providers across the value chain.
  • Construction and refurbishment. We tackle every type of challenge, from megaproject construction to refurbishment, and from lifetime extension to capital-program portfolios.
  • Operations. Our improvement model helps clients reach their financial, risk, and overall performance goals quickly and sustainably for the long term.
  • Decommissioning. We support clients with every stage of the decommissioning process, from strategic decisions to on-the-ground project execution.
  • Nuclear fuel. From mining, conversion, and enrichment to spent-fuel storage and reprocessing, we help clients with portfolio strategy, capital productivity, operations, procurement, and supply-chain excellence.

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