We apply world-class analytics and a deep understanding of economics to agricultural transformation challenges at the pace business requires.


Due to resource constraints, capability issues, or political considerations, governments often select transformation initiatives without a clear sense of the impact potential. This leads to suboptimal public investments (for example, a focus on value chains unable to compete in the global marketplace or where there is no demand) and business cases that lack the rigor to attract private investment. Another familiar scenario is “analysis paralysis”—where governments or development partners struggle to rapidly generate meaningful insights and a “good enough” (though not perfect) investment case. Never-ending cycles of analysis lead to major changes in the on-the-ground reality before projects reach the stage of implementation.

What we do

We have developed tools and frameworks that help us efficiently identify opportunities and build investor-friendly business cases, even in environments with scarce and poor-quality data. For example, our ACRE1 Crop Selector tool is powered by proprietary data and exclusive partnerships to help determine which crops should be planted on a given plot of land (based on agronomic suitability, weather, trade patterns, and so on). ACRE also has costs curves covering multiple crops and countries to help understand competitiveness.

Using these and other tools, we help governments understand the economic, social, and environmental impacts of transformation priorities so they can make data-driven decisions. We then translate these decisions into robust business cases to attract both private and social capital.

1 Agricultural Commodity Research Engine (ACRE) is our premier platform for agricultural analytics, with multiple solutions to common analytics challenges. ACRE stands for Agricultural Commodity Research Engine—our premier platform for agricultural analytics with multiple solutions to common analytics challenges

More about how we help clients

Transformation strategy

We partner with governments, donors, companies, and civil society to improve evidence-based planning and set priorities for accelerating agricultural transformation.

Private-sector engagement

We bring an “investor mind-set” to public-sector policies and support private investments needed to enable commercial opportunities that will create jobs and accelerate growth.


Too often, transformation plans fail during implementation. We work closely with stakeholders across public and private sectors, bringing global best practices to drive on-the-ground implementation.

Building capacity

Transformation success depends on talented people—from top leadership to farmer-facing change agents. We tailor capacity-building tools based on global experience in transformation to in-country needs.

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