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Identifying hot spots for investment

ACRE combines multiple layers of insights to identify high-potential value chains and size the opportunity for investment. By using extensive data on demand growth, local environmental conditions, production potential, value-chain structure, and trade, we can help investors prioritize where and how to play.

What we do

Investment selection

We define the most attractive value chains to target investment based on expected demand growth and regional competitiveness.

Investment strategy

We understand the area of the value chain—whether upstream in farming and inputs or downstream in processing and trading—most ideal for investment.

Environmental analysis

We analyze the impact of climate change and other macroeconomic factors on local agriculture markets.

Examples of our work

1.5 million hectares of a new coffee-growing area identified

Uncovered an area currently not in use in East Africa with high future suitability for coffee growth to introduce new land options to combat increasing volatility from climate change.

More than 100 value chains analyzed 

Helped a private investment fund in Eastern Europe looking to gain exposure to the food sector but unsure where to start.

Three high-potential export crops identified

Worked with a Central American land investor that wanted to diversify its production.

Featured Insights


How the Iowa derecho has affected 2020 crops

– An estimated 3.1 million to 3.8 million acres of corn and soybeans have been damaged.

Needle in a haystack: Patents that inspire agricultural innovation

– An enhanced patent-review strategy could boost innovation capabilities for agricultural-input companies.

Unlocking the online retail opportunity with European farmers

– What can digital retailers in the agriculture sector do to encourage what could be a €10 billion market?

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