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Agricultural Input Manufacturers & Distributors

Identifying growth opportunities in agricultural markets

ACRE uses local agronomic data and satellite imagery to determine the market potential for new and existing input products. This deep, local understanding allows commercial and marketing teams to identify opportunities for growth, match offerings to grower needs, and adjust to changing conditions.

What we do

Footprint strategy

We define local markets on which to focus by determining market size and share, gaps in the market, growth hot spots, and locations for greatest product fit.

Resource planning

We identify potential channel partners, realign sales territories, and position assets to align best with the market and competition.

Sales optimization

We identify ways to increase sales through cross-selling and customer-churn reduction, with in-season adjustments of marketing, sales targets, and inventory levels.

Our approach

ACRE enables agricultural input manufacturers and distributors to drive commercial growth through advanced analytics. Our end-to-end value proposition—powered by access to the right data, the right analytics, and the right experts—enables our clients to successfully implement advanced analytics and capture associated value across the customer life cycle.

We specially tailor our approach in every project to best meet each client’s needs and address their biggest challenges. Our analytical outputs include:

Market growth maps

We map foundational information at a granular micro-market level (such as farm locations, crop yields, herd sizes, crop protection and fertilizer spend, pH, and weather) to identify and visualize market growth opportunities

Customer sales growth analytics

We calculate opportunities and visualize results for growth analytics, including customer churn, win-back, cross-sell, up-sell, and share of wallet to target sales efforts and drive marketing effectiveness

Channel partner analytics

We map retail locations and estimate retailer fair share by allocating demand to their catchment areas in order to identify high-potential partners in growth markets

Real-time crop analytics

We build dashboards that utilize satellite imagery, weather, and other data to monitor crop health and sales process across the growing season, enabling clients to adjust marketing tactics, sales goals, and inventory levels in real-time throughout the season
Our deep pool of seasoned experts has real-life experience that complements our analytics and drives value for clients.

“It was through my PhD research—which was on hyperspectral and thermal imagery to better understand crop water use—that I fell in love with remote sensing and geospatial analytics. As an ACRE data scientist, I still focus most of my time working with these types of data and analytics. On a recent project for an agricultural input player, we used geospatial analysis as a leading tactic in creating their end-to-end marketing and sales strategy.”

Sarah, data scientist

Examples of our work

$500 million in growth-headroom opportunity identified

Determined underperforming counties with a high potential for market-share growth for a US crop-protection producer.

120 percent increase in sales opportunities

Helped an agricultural-input provider define its go-to-market strategy for seed and crop protection in Canada by focusing on areas with high product fit.

$80 million in untapped revenue potential identified

Helped a seed producer in the India market by focusing sales efforts on the smallholder-farmer segment in specific districts.

30 percent increase in return on investment

Created a new marketing-and-distribution plan based on product fit of specialty products for a European input provider.

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