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Building Technologies

We advise companies on how to improve the effectiveness and extend the lifecycle of their products and services for building automation, elevators, HVAC, lighting, security, and fire safety.

We help building technology companies respond to today’s challenges and position themselves for long-term growth. This includes addressing such topics as demand fluctuation, lifecycle profitability, opportunities in Asia and Latin America, energy efficiency and changing regulations, and the increasing influence of IT companies in building automation.

Our Advanced Electronics Practice serves multinational players, niche product companies, large conglomerates, and small and medium-sized enterprises around the world. Our global presence uniquely positions us to help clients analyze regional construction trends and identify opportunities in mature markets and emerging ones.

We advise clients on a range of topics, including strategy, organization, and service operations. Our consultants, many of whom have backgrounds in engineering, electronics, and high tech, understand the intricacies of research and development, manufacturing, and supply chain. Having supported many design-to-value efforts, we have deep expertise in how to optimize the performance and cost of building technology products. We also have experience advising on service contracts and service operations, both of which are increasingly important to our clients.

We support clients in the following areas:

  • Building automation. We advise building automation clients on evolving market conditions—including the increasing influence of IT networking and energy services companies and the importance of big data and advanced analytics capabilities. We also support clients seeking alliances and strategic partnerships.
  • Elevators. We help leading global manufacturers of elevators, escalators, and moving walkways respond to urbanization, technological disruption, and other trends that are transforming their industry. We also work with them to make the best use of connectivity, advanced analytics, and digital tools when creating solutions. Among other benefits, our efforts allow clients to increase their understanding of the customer base and improve maintenance procedures.
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC). We help clients develop and maintain energy-efficient HVAC products, respond to changing regulations, and identify opportunities to improve cost.
  • Lighting. We advise building technology clients on the global lighting market and LED technology. Specific topics include LED cost, energy efficiency, market penetration and opportunity; positioning in the component, light source, and luminaire value chain; and consumer perspectives on lighting by geography.
  • Security and fire. We support clients as they navigate an increasingly dynamic market driven by regional regulations and codes, digitalization, and the demand for integrated systems with remote access. Our consultants have perspectives on intelligent response fire and security technology and service operations in a variety of buildings, including airports and other large public spaces.

Recent example of our work

We supported a multinational client that had concerns about the profitability of a large-scale plant building contract. We helped the client develop a program to manage capital expenditures. By applying a number of nontraditional cost improvement measures, the client reduced expenditures by 15 percent.

Featured Experts

Harald Bauer

Senior Partner, EMEA, Frankfurt

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