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Modernize core technology

Enterprise Architecture & Digital Platforms

Helping organizations solve challenges around digital platforms, enterprise and IT architecture, and IT modernization to drive their technology transformation

The role of IT has profoundly changed. Companies that can harness the power of digital can simplify the customer experience, introduce more value-added services, and leverage technology to constantly optimize their own processes. For an organization to transform into a technology company, it needs a fundamental shift in its core IT capabilities.

However, this shift comes with its challenges. Organizations need to know how to modernize legacy architecture leveraging modern technology; determine the right platforms and architecture to develop, deploy, run, and manage digital innovation at scale; and enable their business as opposed to changing their technology.

One of the core challenges for established organizations is the integration of the inevitable patchwork of systems, which typically fails to deliver the material results and added value that the CEO intends. The need to rapidly add new capabilities further increases the complexity of IT in large enterprises, which leads to overwhelming maintenance and change costs, as well as drastically slowed response times.

As organizations strive to compete with digital natives, we can help them design and deliver platforms (including digital platforms, IoT, ERP, and core systems) and develop digital-ready architectures (such as new architectures or evolving legacy IT).

Our approach emphasizes continual change and modular design of business capabilities as well as the technologies and data behind them. This shift to a modular perpetual-evolution model results in accelerated time-to-market and scalability, a reduction in IT cost and complexity, faster product development cycles, and an improved alignment between IT and the business at large.

What we do

Architecture and IT assessment

Our holistic IT diagnostic works to identify the status quo across all important IT areas to prepare for a full transformation.

Platform transformation and enterprise architecture

We help organizations establish themselves as “platform companies” and work to establish them in the market and in the industry ecosystem.

IT modernization and transformation

We work to design target IT architectures, develop the corresponding transformation program and roadmap, and ensure the organization’s IT is ready for digital.

Core-system renewal

We leverage a standardized approach and proven methodologies that span core-system diagnostic and strategy, vendor selection and contracting, and transformation implementation and implementation approach (for example, “brownfield renovated” S4/HANA approach, proven agile ERP methodology).

Data architecture

We work to design a digital data architecture based on an understanding of technological concepts such as data lakes, streaming analytics, and the implications these changes will have on IT.

IT efficiency and simplification

We help clients rationalize their technology stack’s portfolio and application inventory to reduce complexity, streamline costs, and increase business agility. We have a proven value assurance approach that optimizes digital investments by reducing business risk, increasing business value, and accelerating pace of transformations and projects.

Enterprise architecture management

We have extensive expertise in designing and implementing enterprise architecture management (EAM), covering organization and committees, processes and methods, and tools and artifacts.

IT merger management

We leverage our deep expertise across industries, as well as numerous tools and playbooks, to ensure the IT aspects of mergers are rigorously executed and that the synergies are captured through IT.

Featured capabilities

Enterprise Architecture Survey conducted jointly with Henley Business School

Example of why and how we use the Enterprise Architecture Survey

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