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Data Delivery & Transformation

Helping organizations unlock the value of their data and build a competitive advantage by making distinctive, lasting improvements in technology, processes, and capabilities

Data—combined with analytics—is a uniquely valuable asset for any company. When harnessed correctly through better yield management, operational optimization, customer insights, personalization, and forecasting, it can yield 15 to 20 percent growth in revenue. Data also presents a substantial near-term cost reduction opportunity through automation, data storage reduction, and lowered reporting costs.

In addition, new offerings from cloud providers, in-memory computing, data cleansing via machine learning, external data set availability, and new methods of data management are making it easier and quicker than ever for companies to capture this value.

We help clients leverage data to solve real business challenges. Our approach works to establish value-based governance, instill a results-driven product approach to data projects, and build the capabilities and culture necessary to become a data-driven organization.

What we do

We partner with clients to help them:

  • design an effective data strategy and understand the core value of data to an organization
  • ensure returns for data investments
  • identify the right architecture, technology decisions, and investments required to ensure the ability to support future data capabilities
  • apply proper governance in an agile way to ensure the right balance of data access and data security
  • create a world-class data organization and culture, and train employees to use data as a tool in everyday decision making

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Designing data governance that delivers value

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How to build a data architecture to drive innovation—today and tomorrow

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Managing data as an asset: An interview with the CEO of Informatica

– Anil Chakravarthy draws on his experience leading a data-management business to discuss new technical and organizational approaches... that help companies create value with data.

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