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Impact Story

Transforming customer experience in wealth management

Our client had been advising high net worth investors for over 100 years. But times were changing—fast. Disruptive tech startups were redefining the role of the wealth manager.

The organization was ready to take bold action. Together, we started by reinventing the account-opening process: hundreds of pieces of paper, dozens of signatures, and weeks of delays were frustrating both clients and advisors.

We transformed the experience and helped turn siloed IT and business teams into champions of a collaborative, agile way of working.

16-weeks to design and launch a new user journey, and move to an agile mindset:

  • conducted user research that revealed clients wanted the process to help deepen their client-advisor relationship, rather than just save time
  • ran hackathons with IT, business, and advisor teams to generate design concepts and align leadership around a vision for the future experience
  • implemented a new tech architecture featuring micro-services integrated with legacy systems, and delivered code continuously using DevOps practices
  • coached and mentored IT teams, advisors, and senior leadership on agile practices
  • broke down barriers across legal, compliance, security, and privacy teams to integrate diverse perspectives from day 1

“The ‘aha’ moment was realizing that the right question was ‘how can technology improve the relationship between clients and advisers?’, not just speed up the process”

— McKinsey UX designer




to open an account, down from multiple weeks


time savings

for mid- and back-office

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