Sydney Experience Studio

Our beautiful, immersive learning spaces in the Sydney Experience Studio are supported by the latest collaborative technology, which allows us to connect easily, educate each other, be inspired, and build new solutions. We have developed core experiences that are easy to implement, and our spaces are flexible enough to deliver multiple use cases.

The Experience Studio provides three unique spaces where we work alongside our clients. Using the language of the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation—the traditional custodians of the land—we have given names and meaning to each space. Walibanga, Burbangana, and Dyalgala.

Our Spaces

Walibanga (wall-lee-bung-ga)

Walibanga (wall-lee-bung-ga), meaning “turn upside down,” is where we want you to challenge your natural perception and turn your mind-set upside down. Think of how you can explore what has previously seemed impossible.

Burbangana (boor-bun-ga-na)

Burbangana (boor-bun-ga-na), meaning “take my hand and help me up,” challenges you to take risks, but to do so supported by us. We want you to think differently about how you solve problems. We are here to help you and guide you on the path and will always bring our expert knowledge.

Dyalgala (tye-lik-ála)

Dyalgala (tye-lik-ála), meaning “embrace,” lets you innovate and work in partnership with us. Take the time to enjoy the experience and to understand where you are and the direction you want to go.

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