Digital Transformation Playbook

A proven method to accelerate value across the business with technology

About the playbook

More business impact, faster

Most digital transformation efforts struggle to achieve their promised benefits. This book features proven methods for accelerating successful digital transformations with more than 200 of our clients.
This book is grounded on the practical experience of dozens of McKinsey experts who have worked on more than 200 large scale digital transformations. It synthesizes the lessons learned, hard-won experience, tips, actions, and definitions to help clarify what leaders actually need to do in digital transformations. Think of this playbook less as an article or polemic about the power of digital transformations and more as a text book with the “how to” insights leaders need to execute their digital transformations.
This playbook is organized into six sections that make up all the areas that a business needs to master for a digital transformation: Strategy, talent, agile operating model, technology, data, and adoption and scaling. While reading the entire book will give you everything you need to know, we wrote this so that leaders can jump in and out of the content that is more relevant to them. Each chapter covers the most important practices and is supported with exhibits as well as PowerPoints, checklists and diagnostics that you can use for your digital transformation.

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