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Let’s build “Imagine if...” now

We bring world-class designers and technologists who help our clients turn game-changing opportunities into reality.

In today’s environment, speed and delivery excellence are more important capabilities than ever before. Transformations over many years now need to be accelerated into a matter of months. And at the heart of these transformations is digital, technology, and analytics—and most importantly the right people.

We bring designers, technologists, product owners, agile coaches, and growth hackers hand-picked for each specific client engagement across McKinsey Digital. People need to design “imagine if...” People need to make “imagine if...” Because the people who can build “imagine if...” first will own the future.

Who we are

Making ideas into reality

From designers who create product visions and understand customer needs to developers and architects who turn visions into reality, we bring end-to-end talent to see concepts through.

Distinctive people in distinctive teams

We bring client teams along with us through every step of the journey. Our goal is to transfer enduring skills and help build their capabilities so they can continue the work long after we’re gone.

Part of the larger McKinsey family

We tap into the business strategy, change management, digital, and deep sector expertise of our firm—while driving the work of Leap by McKinsey, McKinsey Design, McKinsey Technology, McKinsey Analytics, and across all of McKinsey Digital.

Featured insights


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Power and people: How utilities can adapt to the next normal

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Revisiting agile teams after an abrupt shift to remote

– Agile teams traditionally excel when their members are co-located. Here’s how to ensure they’re effective now that COVID-19 has... forced them to work remotely.

The new tech talent you need to succeed in digital

– In today’s rapidly changing digital landscape, companies that understand their talent needs and know how to meet them have... a competitive edge. Here’s how they do it.

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