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Role Description

Process Automation

Help our clients by applying robotics, machine learning, neuro-linguistic programming, cognitive AI, and more.

Your work will change organizations from top to bottom—building overall automation strategies and business plans, establishing centers of excellence and building capabilities with our clients, and delivering automation solutions into production.

You’ll work side-by-side with McKinsey advisory consultants, together helping our clients achieve a vision possible through automation technologies that drive the four automation intrinsics:

  1. profit-and-loss improvement through process efficiency
  2. operational excellence through consistent and 24/7 models
  3. customer-experience improvements through rapid and accurate interactions
  4. employee enthusiasm as a result of reducing repetitive tasks and empowering teams to solve the challenging problems best addressed by the human mind

You’ll join experienced colleagues in delivering solutions across the landscape of automation technologies, including Blue Prism, Automation Anywhere, UiPath, WorkFusion, Pega Robotic, IPsoft Amelia, chatbots from various providers, and other top solutions in this evolving area.

Apply the most modern technologies in support of radically ambitious goals.

Who you are

You’re excited to reimagine business today and use technology to help companies become more nimble, efficient, and productive. You may have a background in process design and engineering, including Lean Six Sigma or other techniques. Or you may have customer-care experience in transforming call centers through technology. Or you may be certified in one or more of the top automation providers, building bots or applying machine learning and cognitive aspects to your work.

You’ve likely performed many different roles across a diverse career and are looking for that next step where you bring it all together to deliver transformative impact. You like working in teams of distinct and different profiles where you can learn and help others learn as well.

You’re comfortable with broad and ambiguous situations, appreciating that our clients often need us to help frame what is possible and imagine a radically different future. Finally, you are a proven influencer and articulate communicator at every level of an organization.

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