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Role Description


Help build and nurture an agile mindset across entire organizations.

You’ll tackle some of our clients’ biggest challenges, working on anything from rapid process re-inventions at financial institutions to big data analytics at retail organizations to launching new products in the market. You’ll be at the center of the problem solving, advising our most senior clients on how to successfully execute on their strategic vision using a world-class agile approach.

You’ll improve team performance and satisfaction and processes through coaching, capability building, and DevOps tools. And you’ll help clients “be agile” while they learn how to “do agile.”

Agile changes how everyone works—from the front line to the CEO.

Who you are

You are an expert, an advisor, and a coach. You’re experienced with a variety of agile topics, ranging from frameworks (Scrum, Kanban) to engineering practices (TDD) and DevOps. You advise clients on the best way to adapt these practices to their day-to-day. You’re a hands-on coach to teams and leaders, helping them understand the role they play in a high-performing agile team.

You’re a teacher, practitioner, and evangelist. You use your expertise to teach others how to build products and solutions with tools like storyboards, backlogs, user stories, and acceptance criteria.

You’re comfortable working with different levels of an organization, from a mobbing session with development teams to discussing organizational changes with the C-suite.

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