Driving growth at scale through design
Where most innovation models focus on maintaining incremental growth or setting up incubators, garages, and labs on the sidelines, McKinsey Design is focused on making disruptive innovation integral to your everyday operational culture.
You don’t have to start big. In fact, the evidence is clear that the obvious routes of chasing the biggest return on investment or satisfying the largest group may not get you there. Many innovations start small—but the prizes aren’t.

Effectively driving growth through design innovation requires companies to evolve many of the assets and capabilities already in place and adopt significantly different and new ways of working.

Ewan Duncan Senior Partner, Seattle


It’s an elusive prize.

In creating the McKinsey Design Index, we rigorously linked design actions to financial performance, and our research revealed just how challenging it is to drive design thinking at scale:


of companies surveyed

had no objective way to set or assess targets for their design initiatives


of companies

are not talking to their end users during development


of executives

were unable to make objective decisions about design actions

We’ve found that innovation is driven from the top.

And through incentives, metrics, clear roles—and clear goals—it becomes everyone’s job to put the consumer at the center of every decision. But how? The McKinsey Design Index reveals four key principles we use to help companies design at scale:

Design is more than...

a feeling: it’s analytical leadership.

Measure and drive design performance with the same rigor as revenues and costs

a product: it’s user experience.

Break down internal walls between physical, digital, and service design

a department: it’s cross-functional talent.

Make user-centric design everyone’s responsibility, not a siloed function

a phase: it’s continuous iteration.

De-risk development by continually listening, testing, and iterating with end users

First to scale beats first to market.

Embracing a culture of design does require meaningful changes—but in our experience, these changes are not only within reach, they will also reenergize your organization as we help you make innovation and customer delight central to your DNA.

An unrivaled design heritage

Award-winning design firms and leaders joined McKinsey to deliver change that matters. We have assembled a world-class team of more than 350 design experts, including specialists in industrial design, research, engineering, and color-material finish. To learn more about our 50 years of design heritage, we invite you to visit the websites of LUNAR and Veryday.

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