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Our Consumer Marketing Analytics Center helps clients transform their marketing and sales by applying advanced analytics to generate value-creating insights from big data.

Big data holds out the promise of an unprecedented flow of insights into consumer needs and preferences. But how do leaders turn data and analytics into business insights, and insights into lasting value for the organization?

We help companies ramp up their ability to harness the potential of big data through our unparalleled understanding of market dynamics, our world-class analytics expertise, and our focus on achieving sustainable client impact. McKinsey's Consumer Marketing Analytics Center (CMAC) brings together three aspects of our work that make us distinctive:

Proprietary data, methods, and tools

Starting from the challenge a client wants to address, we apply a creative approach to data sourcing, deriving new variables and factoring in qualitative insights to deliver high-impact business solutions. We offer clients innovative new approaches and metrics such as Social GRP, a tool to measure the effectiveness of social media spending by integrating data on reach, relevance, and sentiment.

Flexible models for successful transformation

For long-term impact, we help leaders address all elements of a successful organizational transformation, from adopting tools to building skills to changing the culture. The support we offer is tailored to meet clients' needs, whether that means an intensive short-term engagement, responses to specific analytical requests, continuous support over an extended period, or a capability-building program where the analytics gradually move in-house as skills develop.

A global pool of experts and facilities

With a collective 900 years of experience in advanced analytics, our 130 specialist practitioners offer clients expertise of unparalleled depth and breadth. In addition, experts from our centers of competence—all with postgraduate degrees in statistics, econometrics, or computer science—serve clients as members of our on-site teams or by providing remote support. To host client data, our data center in Atlanta offers 200 terabytes of secure storage capacity. McKinsey's Digital Labs specializes in developing custom-built decision support tools for clients. Another new facility, McKinsey Digital Lab, specializes in developing custom-built decision-support tools for clients.

How we help clients

Whether clients are looking for help with a specific marketing and sales challenge, or seeking to build a program for capitalizing on big data to drive value for their business, we offer advanced-analytics support tailored to their needs.

Customer life-cycle management

We help clients use proprietary customer data and analytics to acquire, develop, and retain high-value customers more profitably and effectively—and drive the necessary organizational changes from the C-suite through to the front line.

Marketing return on investment

Tracking activities along the whole customer decision journey brings transparency to marketing return on investment. By optimizing the effectiveness of marketing spend across the board, clients can free up 10 to 20 percent of their investment to reinvest for growth or take as bottom-line savings.

Pricing and promotions

Through our proprietary methods, our innovative research, our suite of analytic software solutions, and our economic simulators for complex scenario analysis, we help clients manage their pricing, promotions, and trade terms to optimize their return on sales.

Assortment optimization

Adopting an analytically driven approach to assortment optimization helps clients determine which items should be stocked where to maximize profit. Our approach has the flexibility to optimize at multiple levels, from department and category down to micro space.

Analytic transformation

For companies seeking to transform their marketing and sales through advanced analytics, we can help define a vision, develop use cases, organize initiatives into an implementation road map, and build capabilities to create strategic value and competitive edge. Our support is tailored to clients' needs, ranging from collaborations to build centers of excellence and pilot use cases to deep dives into model construction, insight generation, and capability building.

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