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Data Engineer, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon


Data Engineer, Analytics Generalist, Gurgaon

I can explore and innovate with the latest technologies and techniques. There’s not a single day when I’m not learning something new.

Quick Q&A

Most memorable project?

I worked on a challenging procurement study for a fast-food company to maximize savings. One month after we had completed the project, I got an email from a senior colleague saying we’d been able to achieve $30 million in savings a year for them. That felt really meaningful—to see the hard-hitting impact of my work. It makes you feel like you’re actually making a difference in the world.

Favorite part of your role?

It’s industry and domain agnostic. I get to work with a variety of clients and be exposed to such a broad range of work. For someone who’s a generalist, like me, this is really helpful in getting a sense of where I eventually want to specialize.

Best team experience?

I was recently staffed on a project in Singapore with a team of experts who were the best in their fields. They all brought their own unique backgrounds and expertise to the table. The moment I joined the team, they asked me about my development goals. Throughout our time together, they helped me work on those goals while also working together to create an impact for the client.


Delhi College of Engineering
Tech, electronics engineering, communication systems