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Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic

Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic is a forward-looking framework and assessment that helps you identify where you need to transform your marketing function to unlock growth


Marketing-led growth is critical in today’s hyper-competitive and changing consumer environment. However, companies often embark on a marketing transformation before fully assessing their marketing function’s strengths and weaknesses, missing key growth and savings opportunities.

Companies need a comprehensive view of their marketing capabilities before beginning their transformation journey. Modern marketing requires updated capabilities and enablers to deliver on the promise of growth for the organization. Benchmarking against peers and best practices helps identify where improvement is needed, and opportunities exist.

Our Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic helps companies understand where they need to focus to effectively implement a modern marketing strategy, operating model, and practices.


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Meet Modern Marketing Model

McKinsey Periscope

Now more than ever, marketers have to connect with customers, drive growth, and chart a course for the future. M3-Modern Marketing Model solution helps deliver business impact using a forward-looking and holistic assessment of every marketing dimension.

M3: Modern Marketing Model Diagnostic

M3 provides a rapid assessment of marketing capabilities to identify opportunities for optimization and enhancement to engage on a broader marketing growth transformation. M3 employs a two-pronged approach: survey-based comprehensive benchmarking reveals the maturity of the marketing model across geographies, BUs and functions. Rapid expert-led opportunity sizing deep-dives into capabilities such as efficiency, CX, and personalization and enablers such as agile ways of working and talent and agency management. M3 includes a sizing model to estimate the impact of potential savings and growth opportunities.

M3 helps organizations:

  • Understand current marketing capabilities and enablers and benchmark against peers and best practices
  • Identify potential areas of focus for the next years to drive growth through marketing strategy, operating model and practices
  • Prioritize improvement areas for countermeasures to reach industry benchmarks and best-in-class organizations
  • Assess their strengths and gaps and the root causes based on individual teams and capability levels

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