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Performance Management

Create a single source of truth to accurately evaluate and improve pricing performance across the sales organization

With scores of complex external and internal data to analyze, B2B companies struggle with obtaining accurate data to uncover meaningful insights into their commercial performance. And determining performance is even harder at the account or product level.

Companies need a comprehensive analytics solution that can accurately synthesize all this data into a single source of truth to inform their pricing strategies and identify opportunities for margin improvement. These insights need to be easily accessible across the sales organization to enable effective transaction decisions.

Performance Management solutions use unrivaled data and analytics to quantify pricing insights in a single platform and create automated recommendations for maximizing the value of every transaction.


sustainable gain in RoS


in sales analysis productivity

Performance Vision

Performance Vision is a comprehensive performance analytics and management solution that merges internal and external data, providing B2B companies with the transparency to develop optimized, high-level pricing strategies and maximize the value of every transaction. Performance Vision makes complex pricing data accessible, enabling organizations to visualize their pricing performance, right down to the level of individual customers and products, and provides insights and guidance on improving commercial decisions and processes. The solution:

  • Analyzespast performance, establishes the baseline, and helps identify areas of improvement by providing a single source of truth
  • Generates actions by setting top-down targets, modeling scenarios for pricing and improvements, and simplifying planning, collaboration,and review processes
  • Enables efficient and effective decisions, leveraging a complete toolkit from easy-to-use scenario-building tools to highly customized quotation tools
  • Builds lasting capabilities, enabling fact-based performance management and fostering a virtuous cycle of continuous improvement through impact tracking

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