B2B Pricing Solutions

Set accurate prices based on data, adjust prices in real time, determine appropriate discounts, optimize deal pricing for large transactions, and analyze and improve pricing performance

Traditional pricing approaches no longer work in today’s world of constantly evolving market conditions, changing sales channels, and increasingly sophisticated customers. What is needed is a dynamic pricing approach leveraging data and analytics.

Dynamic pricing enables B2B organizations to adopt a granular, precise, agile, and integrated pricing approach across their product portfolios to succeed in the digital world. Using data and analytics, our dynamic pricing approach provides B2B companies with accurate customer insights, competitive intelligence, and a single source of truth on pricing performance, seamlessly integrated into core business processes and systems, to help pricing decision makers set optimal prices and get the most value from every transaction.


ROS improvement


margin uplift


boost in sales productivity


B2B Price Optimization

Make accurate and real-time pricing decisions with our integrated dynamic pricing solutions

Deal Execution Optimization

Create more profitable deals and achieve higher return on sales with dynamic deal pricing using data-driven insights

Performance Management

Create a single source of truth to accurately evaluate and improve pricing performance across the sales organization

B2B Pricing Insights

Make informed pricing decisions with data and insights from digital sales channels along the supply chain

Our Impact

Periscope Pricing Solutions' unique approach brings science to the art of price setting

– Pricing Solutions help a global manufacturer redefine their pricing strategy for spare parts to achieve a greater than 2% Return-on-Sales... (RoS) uplift

Periscope fuels pricing excellence in corporate banking 

– Periscope helps a major banking player increase revenue by 10-15%

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