Periscope Overview

Periscope by McKinsey offers six solution suites that address the core growth levers for marketing and sales, combining advanced analytics, cloud-based tools, training and ongoing client service. Watch our overview video to learn how we can help you accelerate innovation and drive revenue growth.

Industry Videos

Periscope for Consumer Goods

Learn how Periscope for Consumer Goods can help companies unlock value by turning data into insights, insights into relevant innovations and innovation into action.

Periscope for Retail

Learn how Periscope for Retail can help retailers reduce complexity and create value across all commercial levers, from assortment management and merchandising to pricing and promotions optimization.

Periscope for Manufacturing

Find out how Periscope for Manufacturing can help accelerate and improve decision-making across geographically dispersed functions and drive sales and profitability.

Periscope for Financial Services

Watch this video to find out how Periscope helps banks create value and achieve commercial excellence during a time of increasing market pressures. We leverage analytics and digital tools to restore value creation at scale and help financial institutions put the client back at the center.

Solutions Videos

Marketing Solutions Overview

How can Periscope help you boost insights creation and optimize marketing activities? Watch this video to learn how to drive revenue growth through fact-based, data-driven decision-making.

Promotion Halo Effect

Learn about our halo effect model that analyzes the impact of promotions on the sales of both promoted and non-promoted items, giving category managers a holistic view of the revenue lift across the entire store and quantifying the true ROI of each promotional event.

Marketing Efficiency for Growth

Marketing Efficiency for Growth (MEG) provides CMOs with transparency on marketing spend, benchmarks against other companies in their industry, and uses best-practice analytics that quickly identify marketing inefficiencies. Watch this video to achieve a new level of marketing performance management.

Personalization Advisor

Periscope’s Personalization Advisor maximizes conversions and drives revenue growth by helping companies deliver the right experience, to the right customer, through the right channel, at the right time. Watch this video to learn how we cover personalization value chain end-to-end.

Growth Mapping

How to find topline growth in competitive market? With growth maps, companies can better understand what consumers demand, turn it into a category and marketing strategy, and quantify value.