Impact Stories

MediaMarkt Masters Personalization Experience Delivery at Scale

– Europe’s largest retailer for consumer electronics achieves 14% uplift in revenue per user

Driving a commercial transformation resulting in 15% growth in operating income

– Periscope Sales Solutions unlock sales growth opportunities for a technology distribution company

Periscope drives ongoing margin improvement of 2-3% per year

– Periscope totally transforms promotion planning for a national drugstore chain

Periscope powers a ~2% revenue boost

– Periscope enables a leading US department store to revolutionize their pricing and promotions

Periscope Pricing Solutions' unique approach brings science to the art of price setting

– Pricing Solutions help a global manufacturer redefine their pricing strategy for spare parts to achieve a greater than 2% Return-on-Sales (RoS) uplift

Powering a customer -experience transformation for a leading bank

– Customer Experience Solutions accelerates impact by integrating analytics and technology into the customer experience redesign efforts

Accelerating customer-experience improvements

– Customer Experience Solutions help accelerate customer experience transformation at a leading public utility

Big data - big hype? Unlock the real value of big data with Periscope Advanced Analytics

– Pricing Solutions are helping a leading CPG player achieve significant impact by delivering robust insights

Periscope identified opportunities for 2 x pocket margin uplift in 18 months

– Periscope brought clarity to this large-scale chemicals company by identifying opportunities equivalent to 40 x project investment

Periscope powers a 2-4% sales uplift

– Periscope helps a regional grocer revolutionize their organization and deploy lasting new capabilities

Periscope fuels pricing excellence in corporate banking 

– Periscope helps a major banking player increase revenue by 10-15%

Accelerating commercial excellence in a corporate bank

– Periscope helps this global bank grow revenues and increase EVA in 8 countries