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The rise of commerce media

– Commerce media is transforming advertising by using data to close the transaction loop.
71% of consumers expect companies to deliver personalized interactions—and three quarters will switch if they don’t like their experience.

Insights to impact: Creating and sustaining data-driven commercial growth

– How B2B sales pioneers empower their sellers and drive sustained growth with data and analytics.

2021 Top picks: From recovery to growth

– Companies are developing new growth strategies and tools to meet the demands of pandemic recovery in a digitally transformed economy.... Here are some of the most promising.

B2B sales: Omnichannel everywhere, every time

– Our latest B2B Pulse research shows how the shift to omnichannel has permanently changed sales and suggests what companies can... do to adjust.

B2B commercial analytics: What outperformers do

– B2B companies that successfully apply commercial analytics are uncommon—and more likely to achieve uncommon success. Outperformers... share four behaviors.

Consumer and B2B sentiment


Global surveys of consumer sentiment

Consumer optimism varies by country depending on what stage each country is in the coronavirus contagion cycle.

The “next normal” of sales and how to win

Through a series of recurring global surveys, we are tracking how customers’ expectations, spending, and behaviors change throughout the crisis, across multiple countries over time.

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Emerging consumer trends in a post-COVID-19 world

– Consumer behavior underwent dramatic and lasting changes during the pandemic. How should business leaders respond?

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Value creation in the metaverse

– With its potential to generate up to $5 trillion in value by 2030, the metaverse is too big for companies to ignore.
Article - B2B Pulse—Global Edition

The new B2B growth equation

– Customers want an always-on, personalized, omnichannel experience. The world’s best sellers are giving it to them.

The rise of commerce media

– Commerce media is transforming advertising by using data to close the transaction loop.

Busting the five biggest B2B e-commerce myths

– The leading edge for successful B2B sales growth is digital. Here’s why.
Podcast - McKinsey Global Institute

Forward Thinking on the transformative role of intangible assets in companies and economies with Jonathan Haskel and Stian Westlake

– “William Blake talked about the dark Satanic mills, these inhuman pieces of tangible capital. Intangible capital is in some... ways about what makes us human. It’s about ideas, and it’s about relationships. It’s about expressiveness. Some people may ask whether we should we be making that the basis of the economy. But we would argue that this is actually making those things that matter to us as humans more central to our thriving.”

The six must-haves to achieve breakthrough growth in e-commerce D2C

– With e-commerce surging, building direct-to-consumer capabilities is more important than ever—but how do companies truly... scale their D2C business?

Black consumers: Where to invest for equity (a preview)

– Effectively pursuing broad racial-equity goals can help consumer-facing companies better serve Black consumers.

The economic state of Latinos in America: The American dream deferred

– Addressing the barriers preventing Latinos from full economic participation could have a multitrillion-dollar impact, further... unleashing their entrepreneurial spirit, creating millions of jobs, driving consumer spending, and building intergenerational wealth.
Interactive - McKinsey Quarterly

Five Fifty: Passing the buck

– With costs on the rise, your pricing power may be all that’s protecting your margins. Do you have what it takes to raise prices?

Serving the Black consumer is a $300 billion opportunity

– Tailor products specifically to meet Black consumer needs and wants, and not only is there economic value to be gained but also... a greater chance to meet social and moral objectives.

Deactivate your digital-marketing autopilot

– Relying on agencies and aggregators to manage your digital spend may trade competitive advantage for convenience. Companies like... KFC are taking a different approach.
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