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Journey Analytics

Transform experiences by delivering better customer journeys.

Customers, patients and employees today demand experiences that are seamless, secure, omni-channel, on-demand and personalized. To meet these increasing expectations, organizations need to overcome organizational, technological and cultural challenges.

Journey Analytics is the solution that helps you understand and transform your journeys, at scale. Our offerings use analytics and design thinking to deliver up to twice the impact than traditional survey-based continuous improvement programs across satisfaction, financial, commercial and strategic metrics.

Journey analytics by the numbers

+ 25%

increase in digital activities

+ 35%

boost to sales conversion

+ 25 pt

increase in customer satisfaction

Journey Analytics Services

Answer strategic questions using advanced analytics on connected journey data

Journey Sciences Cloud

Provide a pre-configured journey analytics platform (Argon-X) with data, data science tools and custom journey visualization

Deployed Applications

Personalize customer interactions through deploying machine learning algorithms. This next-best-action engine drives better outcomes from customer journeys

Custom Analytics

Build smarter prediction models, segmentations and follow-up strategies based on journey data, ethnographic research, deep learning and machine intelligence

Experience Transformation Support

Support customer experience transformations with analytics and design


Define, identify and prioritize journeys based on value potential and relative importance through individual customer analysis, interviews and benchmarks


Quantify the journey redesign process with a combination of customer analytics and in-market idea testing with a detailed business case and implementation plan


Maximize the impact of agile implementation sprints and long-term success of the redesigned journeys with embedded customer insights and journey metrics

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