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Impact stories

We help our clients set their strategic direction, develop their marketing and sales capabilities, and connect their organization to realize the full potential of today's omni-channel opportunities and deliver above-market growth in today's market.

Logistics company builds value by consolidating brands

Campaign focused on developing a consistent global portfolio helps create a Top 100 global brand.

Targeted online marketing programs boost customer conversion rates

Cross-selling and category-penetration techniques yield a 20 percent jump in sales and a 30 percent increase in profits.

Understanding the customer's true preferences to improve profits

Migrating banking customers to more profitable products increases checking account revenues by 20 percent.

Finding out where consumers make their decisions

A consumer electronics maker's targeted investment in digital media sells out the product as part of a first phase to build a more effective marketing organization.

Insights uncover untapped markets for handset manufacturer

Targeting high-value segments and developing new-brand strategy increases market share for mobile-phone manufacturing OEM by 20 percent in one year.

Spending in the right places to reach more priority customers

A client rolls out a new marketing-spend allocation process across 17 countries and helps increase the number of households reached by 20 percent.

Transforming a national sales force in record time

A rapid transformation program helps the dispersed sales force of a direct-services company increase lead-conversation rates by 20 percent.