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Careers with McKinsey Implementation

Learn about opportunities with McKinsey's Implementation Practice for exceptional candidates at all levels of experience.

We created McKinsey Implementation to equip our clients with the support, tools, and capabilities needed to achieve distinctive and lasting results from their change or transformation programs, or to deliver on their improvement agendas.

Our clients include some of the world’s top companies and most innovative organizations—you will contribute directly to their success and have the satisfaction of seeing your clients achieve real bottom-line results.

What we look for

Successful candidates will have strong industry knowledge developed through significant hands-on line or project management experience. Experience in the field allows them to recognize potential problems, develop insightful solutions, drive change, and maintain improvement. When unexpected problems arise, they remain optimistic and welcome the challenge. Being able to work as a member of a team is absolutely essential.

We look for people who are empathetic, pragmatic, and enjoy seeing others succeed. They are talented coaches who provide guidance, but their major goal is to deliver lasting impact by ensuring that clients build the skills and capabilities needed to work independently and sustain improvements over the long-term.

With every organization we serve, we work at the client site, whether it is a factory, a mine, a hospital, or a call center, to understand the issues and promote change for as long as it takes to achieve the desired results.


Whatever your industry background, you will find many different topics of interest at McKinsey. Our work covers all sectors, including high tech, telecommunications, automotive, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, healthcare, banking and securities, insurance, retail, and consumer goods. Our teams comprise people from different backgrounds, skills and perspectives—so we can leverage their years of experience, innovative ideas, and knowledge of best practices.

Typically, you will begin working on a project in the very early stages, working alongside of traditional McKinsey teams as they develop recommendations. You will draw on your experience to ensure that the recommendations are practical and can be implemented. You will continue working with the client until the desired results are achieved.

Our locations

We have implementation hubs worldwide, including the Americas, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. Further hubs are planned. Our geographic reach allows us to apply local knowledge and expertise to our clients.

How to apply

McKinsey Implementation invites applications for consulting positions throughout the year. To apply, visit our Careers site or you can apply directly for a job opening by choosing your preferred region.